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Review: Less Deceived – We Could Find New Ways To Walk Home.

The band have gone through huge lineup changes since they released their last EP, however Less Deceived released their new EP, We Could Find New Ways To Walk Home yesterday. The band launched their EP with Beach Slang which makes for a good fit for this band.

Grinding guitars really bring the energy on this record, this band keep their raw but sharp sound consistent on ‘We Could Find New Ways..’ keeping the pace with some great guitar and drumwork that equals it, particularly on tracks such ‘That Shit’ll Kill You’ which really play to this bands musical strengths, the song being built by the fantastic drumwork until the end.

Less Deceived do have a great vocalist in Harry Slater who has stepped into centre stage after the former lead singer of the band left, and he does it brilliantly, with a a raw vocal that fits perfectly with their punk vibes, it sounds like he’s found his place in the band on this EP and combined with a honest but an emotional way with words on this record, this EP works incredibly well together and it is clear the band does too.

We Could Find New Ways To Walk Home is a great third EP from this band who though much has changed, a lot has stayed the same, with some awesome punk tunes that really have a fantastic pace from the start with a rough sound that works for Less Deceived so well on these tracks.



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