EPs & Singles.

Review: Death Koolaid – Vol. 2.

Female fronted hardcore punk rock band, Death Koolaid release their EP, Vol. 2, this Friday. In June 2015 Death Koolaid won the UK Emergenza Battle of the Bands competition and this year were nominated for best new band’ at the Pure Rawk Awards, so the only place for this band to go is up, and it shows on their new record.

This band pounce and then pound your eardrums with a ball of energy straight from the start of the record, with a sound that never lets up throughout Volume Two. Heavy riffs rumble through tracks such as Emmeline, where the band really do create a great groove with their guitars on this song and combined with those raw vocals, it makes for a highlight.

The vocals are gutteral and raw on this record and harmonise well with the music this band create throughout, it makes for a frenzy of sound and it works for Death Koolaid from the start. BFF really does accentuate those vocals on this EP and working with the writing this band have, it makes for a great listen.

It’s clear here why this band is seen to have so much potential, as this band bring their own raucous style on this record with what sounds like so little effort. The highlights of this record are BFF, Kids and opening track Mirror.



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