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Review: Katie Buxton – You Flew.

You Flew Album ArtKatie Buxton released her new single, You Flew recently. The singer who comes from Pennsylvania but now makes her own Indie Folk sound out of Nashville. You can listen to a taste of Buxton’s new track through her YouTube here.

Buxton’s vocals are incredible on this track, with a brilliant power to her voice that really delivers the right note at the perfect time on this song which makes for a great listen. Filled with metaphor, this song is brilliantly descriptive and really captures the emotions of heartbreak succinctly and her voice working with this makes for a great listen.

The melodies are moody and work in harmony perfectly with Buxton’s voice on this track. The dramatic slow build of the sound with the acoustic melodies really work on this song, her voice growing with the track and it makes for a captivating sound. Bursting with emotion from the start of the song, You Flew really does display the expertise Katie Buxton has built since beginning to write at 12.



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