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Review: The Kut, Astral Void, BaitHead and Highbreaker – Gringo’s, Norwich 28/08/2016.

13692520_10153683294055911_4580179441177691197_nThe Kut are coming to the end of their Hollywood Rock N Roll Summer Tour and it arrived in Norwich last night. Supported by some excellent local support, the band brought their brand of punk to Gringo’s excellently. You can find links to the bands Facebook pages by clicking their names!

The Kut are an incredible band live, with great energy and a band that sounds fantastic working together. Though the venue was small, the sound almost felt uncontainable as the guitars sounded great together and the band really brought a great live show, to a small crowd that had gathered.

The Kut have some awesome songs in the set, the whole Rock Paper Scissors EP is an awesome listen and it is live as well, tracks such as Bad Man could wake the dead live, and they would be pleased too, to be woken up to see this band play – and it’s still the best way I’ve ever heard ‘Fuck You’ sung.

The support was very good too, with different styles working together. Highbreaker opened the evening with some great acoustic tracks, with simple but effective hooks, this duo really had some great songs. The band have a raw but excellent vocal that really delivered – tracks such as ‘Go Fuck Yourself’ certainly stand out and it makes for a great listen, it’s sad to know this was considered by them their last show.

BaitHead are a band who have a great sound. Their vocalist has energy and a natural ability to lead a band that made it clear this venue was just too small too handle this man’s energy, not that he was alone in this. A band with three excellent guitarists in it that really work well together throughout, tracks such as Cut The Rug and Black Lung stood out in their set for those reasons. A band you should definitely give a listen, or go see if you’re local to Norwich.

Astral Void have a great vocalist in Andy Martin whose screaming vocals are flawless and who really brings great energy live, it’s a shame that the venue was small as I feel alot of the bands lacked space to really play to their best of their abilities, and this band could deliver so much more, you could tell. Thumping melodies and some strong choruses, they were great last night, with a style live that really works for them in front of a crowd.

A great show, that really displayed some awesome local talent and some incredibly talented woman who I hope to see back in Norwich sometime soon!



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