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Review: Greyhaven – State Of Mind.

Recently on tour throughout the UK, London Alt Rockers, Greyhaven release their new EP State Of Mind this Friday through Outside Records. Taking inspiration from bands such as Trivium and Architects, Greyhaven create their own colossal sound through these eight tracks. You can find out more about the band through their Facebook here.

This band have some great skill with melodies and it shows throughout this record, with guitarists that really work together well on State Of Mind particularly on tracks such as On And On really display those sharp riffs that are consistent throughout this record, the sound getting better and better as the record continues, Our Stand making it clear, as the album moves on.

The writing is pretty strong throughout with some big hooks on tracks and some real angst that packs a punch on this album. Thes tracks are delivered with powerful vocals that keep going throughout the record – tracks such as Hexes for example really display that visceral screaming vocal that this band use well on this record in combination with the clean singing voice, this band really working in harmony throughout.

State Of Mind is a strong record from Greyhaven who really bring the best of what they do to this EP, strong guitar riffs and colossal melodies working with the excellent vocals Greyhaven have some great rock songs. Highlights for me on this record are On And On, Hexes and Brother.



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