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Review: Moose Blood – Blush.

Image result for blush moose bloodMoose Blood released Blush, their follow up to ‘I’ll Keep You In Mind From Time To Time’ at the beginning of August and because I suck at organisation I’ve just got round to it, and I’m glad it’s taken me some time in some ways, you save the best for last (ish). You can listen to Blush now on Spotify here.

This band have a great sound, keeping that emo vibe on this record, with riffs that really work with that mood particularly on tracks such as Knuckles and Sulk, where the melodies weave perfectly with the change of writing style on this record – moving away from the big choruses of ‘I’ll Keep You In Mind..’ and working in harmony incredibly well.

The band have a way with words, keeping it poignant, that it feels really personal in places on this record, Brewerton really giving you a summary of his life since the last record in the most poetic way possible and entangled with those melodies where the band keep that bounce, on tracks such as Glow it makes for some great listening. This album really is this band progressing from their last record and creating something truly their own on Blush and it makes for a strong album.

There was some pressure on this band to follow up after building on their debut album that gained them attention and they certainly live up to that and more on this record with melodies that really work for them and vocals that really deliver that sentimentality that Brewerton is brilliant at delivering. Nothing’s changed this band are still brilliant, but it’s nothing stayed the same either as the band explore new sounds and here it’s a good thing. Highlights for me are Glow, Sulk and Honey,  but this whole thing is a great listen, one of the records you must hear this year.



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