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Review: Joseph – I’m Alone, No You’re Not.

Image result for joseph i'm alone no you're not artworkSister trio Joseph, released their new album last Friday, I’m Alone, No You’re Not. The band who follow up from their 2014 album release Native, Dreamer, Kin create incredible close harmonies and sophisticated melodies as this band expands on their folk inspired sound on their new album. You can listen to the album now on Spotify here.

This band and how they work the layers of vocals in these songs is magnificent from the start of the album. This band really entwine vocally together perfectly with such ease and they support one another with their voices throughout this record and it really adds to the sound – tracks such as Whirlwind are perfect examples of this vocal strength in numbers and creates a standout track on the album.

This band make some cool melodies on this record that become some really nice grooves, my personal favourite song on this album White Flag, has such an incredible beat to it, that makes for a great listen, but still keeping those folk vibes that make this record a great mix of genres that really work well together. Their voices compliment the melodies as well, and should be remembered as they work with the sound the band are creating and it makes for a special sound.

Joseph have created such an elegant second album on I’m Alone, No You’re Not, a record that blends so well together that is perfect for the end of Summer. Highlights for me on this record are White Flag, SOS (Overboard) and tracks such as Planets really highlight the strength of these three singers on this album, an album that you should definitely listen to if you love folk or just some incredible melodies and voices that though in some places it can feel a little slow, this band know how to pace themselves and it shows.



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