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Review: A Day To Remember – Bad Vibrations.

Image result for a day to remember bad vibrationsBad Vibrations is the follow up to the (brilliant) Common Courtesy from A Day To Remember who released their album through their own record label, Friday. The band have released some incredible highlights including Paranoia and Bullfight which you can hear now through Spotify here.

This band really do push their sound further on this record and it works for them here, particularly on tracks such as Bullfight and Exposed, where this band really create some great melodies – the bassist really bringing it on this record in particular, giving these tracks energy. Combined with the rest of the band it sounds awesome, this band work incredibly well together, this particularly shows on the guitars on this album, the riffs sound amazing.

McKinnon makes this record though, this guy knows how to write and let out his demons in a way very few achieve, with some awesome choruses yes, but also a way of putting into words a gambit of emotions from that anger that comes naturally, but guilt, on tracks such as Negative Space which combined with the vocals is a highlight on this record. This band are not giving you another ‘All I Want’ or even ‘Right Back At It Again’ but this album really does focus on getting those emotions to melody and it does sound awesome.

An album that reflects on their roots with ease and one that keeps them moving forward, it is a great record throughout, this band bringing what they do best and then some on Bad Vibrations, the band venting in the only way they know how. Highlights for me are Bullfight, Turn Off The Radio, which ironically would sound pretty good on it, and Exposed, which really highlights the melodies this band create – if you like thrash and hardcore this band are still a must listen.



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