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Review: Izzy Bizu – Moment Of Madness.

Image result for izzy bizu moment of madnessIzzy Bizu released her album Friday, A Moment Of Madness, an artist that is hard to ignore and with songs like White Tiger why would you want to? You can listen now to the whole of her record on Spotify now and I would recommend you do as she brings her fresh sound to the fore on her debut release.

Izzy Bizu’s voice is a powerful thing, the way she can sing is tremendous and it is on display on this record to full effect, with a combination of a soft husky tone and a way of powering through choruses that really allows for her range to be on display on this record it sounds awesome. Opening track Diamond is a perfect example of this which paired with soaring notes that make for a captivating listen.

The album is packed with fresh melodies with her  mixture of soul and old school pop vibes that really work so well together, melodies on tracks such as Gorgeous and Give Me Love are perfect examples of melodies that really bring that fresh but retro feel, with that Amy Winehouse influenced vocal style that really works for Bizu on this record and makes for a great sound. Though there is a sense of innocence on this record on tracks such as Naivety and Lost Paradise that adds to A Moment Of Madness’ charm.

The debut album release you would want, A Moment Of Madness is a great record from Bizu who brings a revitalising sound to the genre that is optimistic and makes for a perfect listen when you’re missing those sunshine days. Highlights for me on this record are Lost Paradise, White Tiger and What Makes You Happy – though this album as a whole is a great listen from start to finish.




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