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Review: Losers – How To Ruin Other People’s Futures.

LosersHow To Ruin Other People’s Future is the new record from Losers which was released through the band’s pledgemusic after raising funds from fans. Formed of members from bands such as YourCodeNameIs:Milo and Cooper Temple Clause, this album shows just how much talent this band has. You can purchase the record now here.

A dramatic album from the beginning of the record, these songs can seem long however they are packed with melodies and strong vocals that keep these songs building to a climactic end. Bursting with solid riffs that work perfectly with the synth sounds on this record this band create something that only these guys could create and sounds awesome, Chainsaw is a great example of this.

The writing keeps it simple but driven through on this album and weaved in with the music, these songs make a powerful impact on this record. Tracks such as The Not really make this work, the dynamic changes in the track really harmonises well, making for a highlight on How To Ruin Other People’s Futures. These songs are crafted incredibly well throughout this album, with huge beats and sounds that keep the record interesting, 4 Months 2 Days really has a huge beat which is perfectly placed on this record with a huge hook, this song is addictive.

How To Ruin Other People’s Futures is certainly not going to ruin this band’s futures, with dramaticallly huge tracks that work throughout this record brilliantly together, this whole album really is an awesome slice of musical creativity that deserves to be heard. Highlights for me on this record are opening track I Never Got To Say Goodbye – which is seven minutes of musical expertise, Car Crash and Chainsaw. No one who pledged to this band to make a record should be disappointed with what this band made.




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