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Review: Ward Thomas – Cartwheels.

Image result for cartwheels ward thomasWard Thomas have been difficult to ignore in their media campaign leading to their release of their album, Cartwheels which was released last Friday which you can find now on Spotify here. The duo have some great acoustic folk tracks throughout their new record, that include Guilty Flowers which you can see video for here.

The vocals are spot on throughout this record, the two have some lovely vocals that blend really nicely together, tracks such as Lose Me really show these voices are partnered perfectly and that continues on Good On You where they support one another in the chorus with such ease, these two women are made to be singing together and it’s consistent throughout the record.

The melodies are great on tracks such as Guilty Flowers and Carry Me Home that really get those choruses stuck in your head, and there are a few other highlights on this record, tracks such as Dirt And Gold work well with upbeat melodies that really sound great, however these two also know how to slow it down. Where The Sky Is, which has a subtle guitar melody and a way of highlighting the strength of the vocals from Ward Thomas make it a great listen.

Ward Thomas have a great album here, enriched with great melodies and some awesome singles that really bind this album together, with infectious choruses and vocals that are perfectly matched throughout the album. There’s also tracks here on this record that are a refreshing listen and the writing isn’t cliche and it’s good to hear, particularly on tracks such as When It Isn’t Me and Safe. Highlights for me are Carry You Home, Guilty Flowers and Where The Sky Is.



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