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Review: Lindsey Stirling – Brave Enough.

Image result for brave enough lindsey stirlingLindsey Stirling released her album, Brave Enough last month through her own label. The extremely talented violinist has collaborations with Christina Perri and Andrew McMahon to name but a few with pieces of her solo work dispersed throughout the record. You can listen to her album right now on Spotify here.

The collaboration list is extensive, however they are perfect matches with Stirling’s violin prowess. Though lyrically these songs are keeping it simple to allow for her talent to shine through, the lyricism does allow for greater emotional connection to the songs particularly on the album’s eponymous track, Brave Enough, Christina Perri’s voice is perfect on it.

The versatility of the sound (sure, that classical sound runs deep on this record), but there is a great range of styles on this record, from more eastern influenced styles on tracks such as Mirage – the collaboration with Raja Kumari but then there is the dance vibe styles of the collaboration with ZZ Ward on Hold My Heart which combined with her violin work sounds amazing, and works with ease on these songs. Stirling in her solo pieces connects this album perfectly, creating brilliant pieces of music that make this record something complete. In my opinion violins are elegant instruments, but Stirling brings it to another level.

Stirling has an incredible talent, creating pieces of classical music and making them contemporary with such ease on this record, I don’t think there really is anyone quite like her. This album is bursting with highlights, a few of mine are First Light, a solo piece from Stirling that has it’s own atmospheric vibe that works with ease and collaborations with ZZ Ward on Hold My Heart and Something Wild with Andrew McMahon, which is a beautiful track that powers the end of the album, heading into Gavi’s Song, a beautiful piece dedicated to a lost one that ends this record perfectly.



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