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Review: Touché Amoré – Stage Four.

Stage Four the latest record from Touché Amoré is released this coming Friday. The band who are consistent at making great records bring strong emotions to this record as it tells the story of the passing of frontman’s Jeremy Bolm’s Mother. You can see the music video for Skyscraper on the Noisey site here.

The melodies created on this record are excellent from the start, the guitars created a darker vibe to the record which suits the subject matter and it blends perfectly together on this record throughout. If anything the melodies show this band’s timing in bringing in different sounds and riffs is perfect, particularly on tracks such as Rapture.

The brutal honesty of tracks such as Displacement make these songs sound like fresh wounds and that honesty is captivating, particularly when being screamed by Bolm on this record on tracks such as this one. The lyrics are powerful on this record throughout and the process of grief is so clear, that mixture of sadness and anger is so real and genuinely human on this record and it makes it very easy to connect with, this band have such a genuinely brilliant way with words on this record throughout.

It’s not always a consistent record, however this band return with an album filled with a brilliant energy and way with melodies and lyrics that are sobering and easy to resonate with if you have ever lost someone close to you. There are many highlights on this record, particularly on the first half of the record, Flowers And You, Displacement and Softer Spoken stand out as where the band work together at their best. Stage Four is an album that is driven by real emotion and it shows from beginning to end, a record that is hard to forget for those reasons for me.



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