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Review: Seth Lakeman – Ballads Of The Broken Few.

Seth Lakeman returns this Friday with album, Ballads Of The Broken Few. The eighth album from the songwriter and musician, it has a lot of potential, produced with Ethan Johns whose worked with musicians such as Ryan Adams. Lakeman shines here and you can see the video for Meet Me In The Twilight, where he displays just how here.

Being a multi instrumentalist really works for Lakeman on this record, blending viola and guitar brilliantly on these tracks throughout, creating a very genuine vibe to the record – the simplicity works for this album, really highlighting the voices and the melodies Lakeman creates on this record.

The vocals are powerful and blend well with the vocals of Wildwood Kin who bring some incredible harmonies to this record that work with Lakeman’s, particularly on tracks such as Fading Sound, that really work in the background of the song, and adds another brilliant layer. Lakeman has some great writing too on this record with seven original tracks on this new album, including title track, Ballads Of The Broken Few, which live is going to be a treat with an infectious chorus and a great beat that really makes for one of the stand out tracks on this album.

Ballads Of A Broken Few is a strong record, with wonderful melodies that really work to Lakeman’s voice and that of Wildwood Kin who work so well on this album and really are quite the find for Lakeman who uses their vocals so well on this album, Innocent Child certainly makes this clear and so does Fading Sound. Lakeman really does has some great tracks on this record, some songs call feel out of place in places, however this man can craft a record and it really does show on Ballads Of A Broken Few. Highlights for me are Innocent Child, Ballad Of A Broken Few and the cover of Anna Lee.




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