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Review: Brave Vultures – I’m Not Coming Back If You’re Not Here EP.

unnamed-3Brave Vultures, release their debut EP, I’m Not Coming Back If You’re Not There today. The band who hail from Colchester keep it real on their first record, penning tracks about anxiety, relationships and addiction. You can give a listen to one of the tracks With Me through the band’s YouTube here.

Thunderous guitars get this EP started and it gets started well, creating a great introduction for the track, the guitarists really working with the drummer on first track This Is Where I Wanna Be which really kicks off the record in style. Not that this band can’t take down the pace, this band create a more acoustic sound here that compliment the unique vocals of Littler brilliantly.

Littler’s vocals are have a unique tone that does work on this record well with a way of bringing that emotion to the fore vocally incredibly well. Safe Ground really does make that clear and with such strong writing on this record, he really does give meaning to those words with ease. The band have some great choruses as well, Don’t Let Me Down is definitely a track that is meant to be joined into an could definitely get a mosh going, this band really could feed a crowd with these tracks.

Brave Vultures have made themselves a great introduction to the sound they want to make, making something of their own here, giving themselves a writing style that sounds genuine and some great melodies that I definitely want to hear more of in the future. Highlights for me are Don’t Let Me Down and With Me.



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