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Review: Tameca Jones – Naked EP.

tamecajonesTameca Jones releases her EP, Naked on Friday. With a smooth soul sound to her voice with pop influences on this her debut record, Jones really does create something great on Naked. You can listen to highlight of the EP, ‘Sandman’ via Bust Magazine here.

The vocals are powerful on this record and have such a great sound throughout, she has a sound that really ties in perfectly with the pop vibe with a way with her voice that really displays the emotions, tracks such as Head Over Heels and Sandman are different but still show that feeling in her vocals that sounds incredible from the start.

The melodies are very nice on this record, the original sound of Hot and Bothered is a very good start to Jones’ EP and makes for a catchy track, and her take on Bennie and The Jets, stays true to the original but she takes the song and puts her own sound on it too and makes it her own, making for a great end to Naked. The writing style is really nice on this record with some huge choruses and some real poetry to the lyrics which makes for some great listening.

Tameca Jones has a great sound on this record with some really nice melodies that really work to the vocal capabilities that Jones’ has. There are some serious highlights on this record, Hot And Bothered is a perfect opening track with a great melody and Sandman really displays that feeling in her vocals like no other track on this record – a serious soul sound that keeps you wanting more.



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