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Review: Kat Pace – Survivor EP.

katpaceKat Pace recently recently released her EP, Survivor which tells the stories of post breakup ups and downs in her own way, making for some great pop piano tracks that make for a great listen. You can find out more about Kat Pace and her influences on Facebook here.

Three tracks of pop goodness, this EP is short but sweet, Broken Heart Breaking is the epitome of this with a nice melody and a chorus that is catchy as hell on this record, something that really sums up this whole EP for me. Kat Pace certainly has a talent for creating great melodies and it shows on Survivor from the start.

Kat Pace has a great vocal too, reminiscent of musicians such as Sarah Bareilles, Pace really knows how to deliver with a powerful vocal when needed, that shows on title track, Survivor, where she really adds power brilliantly and makes for some really nice pop songs that make for a consistent sound throughout – I really like her voice and it suits these melodies perfectly, creating some good harmonies.

Kat Pace’s Survivor EP has some nice tunes that have some great harmonies on this record with some catchy choruses that make for great listening. There’s no weak song on this EP, but my personal favourite is Where To Find Me, which has a catchy chorus and really accentuates the sound of her voice on this record, a record that is a perfect foundation for whatever Pace does next.



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