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Review: Mary Lynn – My Animal.

11183-LP-Jkt-final-cover-1500x1500My Animal is the sophomore release from Mary Lynn, who releases her album today through Anyway Records. Once part of band, This Is My Suitcase, Mary Lynn creates her own great blend of rock and pop on her albums and it shows here. You can give a listen to one of many highlights, Plans now through YouTube here.

This album is filled with huge hooks throughout, Mary Lynn really creating some creative but catchy on this album that are perfectly infectious, particularly on tracks such as The Same – which though catchy, really capture the emotion, there’s something really brilliantly honest about the lyrics on this album and somehow it makes great listening. Writing songs about breakups and relationships, there’s something genuine on this record, it feels jarring sometimes in places compared to the upbeat beats that run throughout this album.

The melodies from the start of this record are fantastic, creating cool beats on tracks such as Plans and harmonies that fit perfectly with a unique vocal on tracks such as Two And Two, which are, on their own sound unique but as a complete album work perfectly together. The writing is simple, but the music is good and the way she uses the melodies to really make the writing shine shows throughout this album, Funeral is a perfect example of how she does this on My Animal.

A genuine genius with music on My Animal, Mary Lynn creates something brilliant on this album, with a way with words that makes for some excellent listening. Mary Lynn’s expertise is on show throughout this album and makes for an amazing listen. Highlights for me on this record are numerous, however my highlights on this album are Funeral, Space and Two And Two – however My Animal is awesome from beginning to end and an album I highly recommend.



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