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Review: Warpaint – Heads Up.

Image result for warpaint heads upWarpaint released Heads Up yesterday, their third album through Rough Trade Records. The band have created some great records so far, the band working with a stripped back sound and a certain spacious feeling to the music that has got them the attention they deserve. You can find the band’s album now on Spotify.

The vocals  may seem fragile, but with the melodies they sound fierce, this band bringing together a great sound particularly on tracks such as By Your Side where this band create some fantastic harmonies. The band entwine the vocals (just listen to Dre to hear this) with the melodies throughout this record with a sound that is their own, being able to slow and pick up the pace with great timing, Heads Up is a great example of a band using everything they have to create something brilliant.

The band have a simple way to the writing, that’s shown on tracks such as Don’t Wanna, however it’s the delivery of the writing working with the subtle and dark guitar riffs and synth beats particularly on tracks such as this one that makes for a great sound from the band. This band create a mood on this album with ease and it makes for a connected and brilliant listen from the start of the album, Heads Up is produced to perfection, the songs making something consistent.

Warpaint has a great sound on this album that highlights the band’s talent for creating melodies with huge beats and unique sounds that even without the vocals would be easy to listen to, however the vocals that delicately rest on these melodies sound awesome and makes for a great listen especially if you like indie art rock vibes done incredibly well. Highlights for me are New Song, Heads Up and Dre.




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