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Review: Taking Back Sunday – Tidal Wave.

Image result for taking back sunday tidal waveTaking Back Sunday last week released their new album Tidal Wave through Hopeless Records. The band have a very good back catalogue of records, and Tidal Wave is no exception to that rule if first track Tidal Wave is anything to go by. You can listen to the whole of the record now through Spotify here.

I think the first thing you notice about this album listening to it, is the range of different sounds this band cover on this record, with big raw punk tracks such as Tidal Wave and then you have tracks such as Fences that give more of an indie rock sound to the album – Tidal Wave is certainly no indicator of the sound this band are going for on this record.

This band create some infectious hooks on this record, and not just on their lead single of the album, tracks such as All Excess are designed to be screamed back live in the future and combined with the surfer rock vibe with the bouncy riffs and cool drum beats it sounds great and they drive this track forward. The band take down the pace on tracks such as I Felt It Too, which really works for Lazzara’s vocals with a brilliantly built song, that really develops as the track goes on, making for a highlight of the album.

Taking Back Sunday returns strong on this record with a whole new sound that really works for them, it sounds like this band had a good time making this album and it shows on tracks such as Call Come Running, where the energy really shows what this band can do with this sound. Highlights for me are Call Come Running, Tidal Wave and All Excess, however as a whole this album has a pretty great sound and its worth giving a listen to – definitely looking forward to the UK tour now.



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