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Review: Towers – Self Titled EP.

unnamed-4South West Alt Rockers, Towers release their self titled EP this Friday. For those who likes bands such as Deaf Havana, Towers create some great rock songs about the struggles that come with keeping your mental wellbeing and finding a way to to cope through music – you can listen to Could Be through YouTube here.

This band can create some great melodies and it shows on these three tracks. The band craft some great riffs that work throughout this record, that tie in with the emotion of the song, particularly on Otherside, where that emotional power is on display, the riffs really adding to the feel of the song.

The vocals are strong throughout this record and really harmonise well with the music the band create, with the right balance of power in the vocals that really make these tracks sound great – this shows on opening track Titan, which with the female vocals from Ellie Price of Signals, sounds fantastic, the two different voices really working together, the softer vocals of Price’s really supporting the male vocals to perfection here.

Towers create some great songs on their debut record, with great energy and musicians that really work to bring some awesome melodies that really highlight the strength of the vocals. It’s a band that shows a lot of promise on this record and I can’t wait to hear what this band do next. There’s not a bad track on this EP, but my personal highlight is Otherside, this band gets it right on this track and it makes for a stand out track from this band.



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