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Review: Chase Huglin – You Deserve An Island.

Chase Huglin releases his album, You Deserve An Island through InVogue Records This Friday. You can give a listen to first single Pills through Alternative Press here, which sets the theme of the album which is about making sure you tell those you love you love them – and that theme is delivered brilliantly on Huglin’s debut.

What feels like brutally honest poetry to melodies, this album is venting with an acoustic guitar, and Huglin does it in his own way on You Deserve An Island, particularly on tracks such as Niagara and Your Side Of The Bed where that emotion really kicks in, that roaring vocal makes a track that stands out on this album, Huglin makes a statement with this record with ease.

Huglin’s writing is emotional and truthful on this record, this album for him feels like catharsis, as the album goes on, the lyricism feels more natural with the melodies, particularly the title track, where the verses tie in brilliantly with the acoustic melodies that Huglin brings to the track. There’s a versatility to Huglin’s voice – there is a softness on tracks such as Soap Direction but, again Niagara where that power really delivers some awesome vocals on this album. Huglin is an authentic musician and it shows on this album from beginning to end.

You Deserve An Island is an excellent debut from Chase Huglin who crafts some awesome songs that deliver with ease, his unique way with songs keeps your attention and reminds me of musicians such as Austin Gibbs. There are many highlights on this album for me, the ones that stand out are Soap Direction, You Deserve An Island and Your Side Of The Bed – however this album works together and if you like acoustic, you are going to love this record.



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