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Review: Pamela Hute – Today EP.

pamela-hute-4623Paris based indie singer, Pamela Hute released her EP recently, ‘Today’ which includes the new single, Banshees – which you can hear now through Consequence Of Sound here. Hute on this record, records, plays, produces and of course writes this whole EP, and she has done an amazing job.

A strong grip on melodies, there’s some incredible sounds on this EP, particularly the guitar work that really works with the synth sounds on tracks such as Banshees and adds to the elegance of tracks of All I Say where the melodies are stripped back and you really see Hute’s strength with music, creating this record herself was no mistake.

The vocals work with the atmospheric sound Hute has created on this record, she has an other worldly sound to her voice that blends so well here, the sound of I Know has a more upbeat sound, with a great beat, however it’s the vocals that really set it apart, those vocals drift with those melodies brilliantly and it is one of the highlights on Today for me.

Pamela Hute really does put on display her talent on this record, Today building as it goes along into a collection of some great songs, with awesome melodies and some nice hooks from the start that makes for some of my favourite listening lately. Highlights for me are All I Say and I Know. You can listen to the EP now through Spotify here, it’s well worth a listen.



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