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Review: LITE & Mouse On The Keys – Split EP.

Two titans of Japanese Math Rock, LITE and Mouse On The Keys release a split EP today through Topshelf Records. LITE has huge riffs and a progressive sound that makes them an exciting band to listen to. Mouse On The Keys have a variety of influences and it shows, making for an incredible combination of bands and music.

Spiralling Math Rock melodies kickstart this record with fantastic beats and riffs that give Else by LITE a great bounce throughout the track and make for a cacophony of sound in places. This continues on Lite’s second track, Saigo No Basin where that band create complex and energetic melodies with ease, making a great sound.

Mouse On The Keys build a dramatic sound on their first track with a sombre piano melody and a subtle drum beat that work well together on this song and the two build through the track creating a dark but dramatic melody, building effortlessly as the track goes on. Second track Echolocation is very different. A more Math Rock approach to Echolocation, they create an upbeat piano sound that really shows in places those Funk melodies they consider some of their influences.

LITE and Mouse On The Keys are a great combination on this record, the four songs make sense on this record, where some splits can make the songs seem erroneous, however here this isn’t the case. For me, Else and Four Preludes are the highlights for me and well worth giving a listen if you like math rock done incredibly well.



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