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Review: Boston Manor – Be Nothing.

Image result for be nothing boston manorBoston Manor released their new album last Friday through Pure Noise Records. The Blackpool quintet are one of many great pop punk bands coming out of the UK, and Be Nothing certainly proves that – which you can listen to now on Spotify. The band are soon to be on tour, and will play London December 1st.

This band get melodies right throughout this record, with moody guitar pieces that really work for this band throughout creating an awesome sound but also driving home that  punk vibe with huge drum runs that really pack a punch on this record, particularly on tracks such as Cu, where the band bring the best of what they do on this record together.

The band seem to be pushing their sound further on this album, creating a more atmospheric vibe but still keeping to that punk root with that raw vocal that really does work for this band. The band have some strong writing throughout Be Nothing that live are going to work so well, the band powered by anguish on this album and they write it brilliantly particularly on tracks such as Fossa where the band bring the melodies and the chorus that make a highlight on this album.

Boston Manor have made one of the best debuts I’ve heard in ages, this band building on their EP’s with ease and creating an album that’s melodic but brutal with a vocal that’s visceral and sharp like usual from this band, the band packing this album with their own take of a style that is so broad and so busy right now. There are many highlights throughout this record, however for me, Cu, Forget Me Not and pening track Burn You Up is an amazing start to this album, don’t let that quiet intro fool you, this band are ready to take over your eardrums and the airwaves.



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