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Review: I Fight Fail – Voyages & Vantage Points.

I Fight Fail release their EP this week through Standby Records. An airy, hypnotic vibe to the record, this band give their take on Space Rock and do it well and that shows as the band have played Warped tour and their video for Nothing Bleeds was chosen to play in Journeys’ stores across the US, this EP shows promise.

This band build melodies to create a dark and atmospheric landscape from the start of the record with a blast of strong riffs that bring you back to Earth. The synth sounds add to that ethereal vibe on this record with that grounding use of bass guitar that makes these songs a solid sound, particularly on tracks such as ‘Are You Okay?’ Where the band brings these things together brilliantly.

The vocals work perfectly on this record and really harmonise well, particularly on Revive The Expired, those high notes really blending well with the melodies the band have, however it’s the vocal layers on Anything At All That work best on this track, the choral sound really works on this track and easily is one of my favourite songs on this EP.

Voyages & Vantage Points has some great melodies throughout this EP, that make some awesome listening, with a way of creating choruses that make it easy to connect to and a tremendous listen, the band really creating a unique sound but accessible one on their new record. Highlights for me on this record are Are You Okay and Anything At All.



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