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Review: Georgia Ruth – Fossil Scale.

Georgia Ruth releases her new album, Fossil Scale this week through Navigator Records. The musician has won The Welsh Music Prize for her last album ‘Week Of Pines’ and so this new album has a lot to live up to and she does it well here. You can listen to title track Fossil Scale here.

Ruth has a beautiful voice and it is certainly clear throughout this record, her smooth and elegant vocals work throughout this record, she has a versatile sound to her voice that works throughout this album, tracks in comparison such as The Doldrums and Fossil Scale show how she uses her vocal to make an incredible sound and it works incredibly well from the beginning of the album. The writing matches the quality of her voice, with some real poetry on show here, Grand Tour stands out for me for those reasons.

Georgia Ruth’s talent for creating melodies is shown in abundance on Fossil Scale. These melodies can seem subtle as they highlight her voice, however they harmonise so well with her throughout the album. The drumwork with soaring sounds on tracks such as The Bodies really highlights the subtle strength on this record of the music she is making and it makes for a great listen. However often this album can feel slow and can sometimes lacks energy in places.

Fossil Scale is the bringing together of some great things and though she has moved away from a folk sound and lacks the harp work of her previous record, she has moved her sound into new places, with nice synth sounds. Ruth’s voice is perfect and on display throughout this record which makes for some chilled out easy listening. Highlights for me on Fossil Scale are The Bodies, Cloudbroke and the eponymous track, Fossil Scale.



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