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Review: The Doublecross – Keep Bleeding.

The Doublecross releases his new album this Friday, Keep Bleeding. The solo project of Jon Greenwood, Keep Bleeding is made up of twelve tracks and was created in just four months. The album will have its release party in the renowned Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff and listening to this, it is not a show to miss.

Guitar heavy from the start of the album, this album comes out fast and visceral as soon as the album begins, and they don’t slow up until the end. Tracks such as Fireworks And Butterflies have great guitar melodies that really build throughout the track and really highlight the standard of the melodies on Keep Bleeding. This album is the work of one man and it makes for a consistent sound and that energy keeps going throughout this record.

The lyricism and vocals are reminiscent to me of bands such as Hostage Calm and that’s no bad thing, with big choruses that are made to be sung along too, tracks such as Bad Dreams and The Wire are definitely perfect examples of this, where those hooks combined with a punk rock vibe really works throughout this album. This album is a personal and dark album however that personal lyricism really works on this record and makes for such an awesome listen.

An album that works from the start, Keep Bleeding is a great record with brilliant hooks and even better guitar work that makes for a great punk sound at the beginning and some melodic acoustic work at the end that really displays the talent of Greenwood on this album, particularly on tracks such as The Lake – which is the perfect end to the album. Highlights for me are Bad Dreams, Fireworks And Butterflies and Forever Pretending To Sleep. A solid record worthy of a listen.



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