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Review: Green Day – Revolution Radio.

Image result for revolution radioGreen Day released their latest album Friday, Revolution Radio, apparently ready to destroy pop punk (oh, the irony, who do you think inspired most of the genre?). You can listen to the whole of the album now on Spotify here – the band returning to their punk roots on this new record.

Reminiscent of albums such as 21st Century Breakdown, this album is the work of the band and not each member’s own ideas, which the trilogy of albums they released were connected to however this album seems a little more together and rough around the edges as this band create a more raw riff throughout this record – and it works brilliantly, particularly on Somewhere Now.

This band know how to make a hook, always have, and this album is no different, this band can tear down the way the media build up personality and write a chorus about it that is incredibly infectious, tracks such as Bang Bang are proof of that, as this band really get to the point of the record, the album’s dynamic changing from the moment this song ends. Tracks such as Say Goodbye are tracks made to be sung along to, this band bringing huge choruses that are ready to wake up a stadium with ease, something this band do incredibly easily.

Green Day can slow down the pace and then pick it up back again with ease on this record, though in places it is reminiscent of past tracks in places, this band really do create some great melodies on this album. The bounce in tracks such as Bouncing Off The Wall is apt and awesome, the guitars bringing the energy with ease throughout Revolution Radio, they dominate this record and it’s no bad thing, the work of Cool bringing a welcome break to the raucous riffs throughout the album.

Revolution Radio is a great return from Green Day who make albums for the perfect time, American Idiot was a protest album against Bush and we now have an album that attacks the cult of personality that surrounds certain people, and well, just look at whose running for President. Green Day are a band who are on the pulse of anger and this album shows that. Tracks that stand out for me are Troubled Times, Bang Bang and Bouncing Off The Wall.



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