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Review: Sum 41 – 13 Voices.

Image result for sum 41 13 voicesAs I try and remember what year it is, with all these bands from 2003 releasing records, Sum 41 released their new album 13 Voices through Hopeless Records. The band’s first track from this album Fake My Own Death was a fantastic taste of what is to come, and this album lives up to it, you could say it’s all killer, no filler (sorry).

This album is packed with energy from the start, the band really coming back with a record that is packed with heavy guitar riffs and drum runs that will thud through a venue’s floor like no one’s business – tracks such as There Will Be Blood are perfect examples and sound like a premonition for the future.

Though the energy is there, it is matched by a ruthless way with words, taking a honest approach to the lyricism, Whibley has recovered from a lot and he makes that clear on this record, God Save Us All (Death To POP) certainly makes that clear – that raw anger combined with the melodies makes for a stand out track on this record, it is certainly a world away from earlier records – this band sound pissed off and it’s no joke any more.13 Voices sounds like cartharsis for this band and it sounds amazing from the start.

A powerhouse of a record, it is well worth a listen, I am pleased this band have returned with such an awesome album. Sum 41 make a great return to form with this album, full of intense verses and full on choruses combined with melodies that could wake the dead, it’s the album you want to make a comeback with and live it is going to be incredible. Highlights for me on this record are There Will Be Blood, War and this album is ended perfectly by Twisted By Design.



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