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New Videos Out This Week!

There’s some great videos out this week and here are my half dozen that caught my attention this week!

  1. Brave Vultures  – Where I Wanna Be – One of the highlights off their recently released EP, Where I Wanna Be is a strong track that opens the EP perfectly for the band with huge guitars and strong vocals that make me think this band has a lot of potential, it’s definitely a track worth giving a listen to.
  2. Save Face – Overdue – A duo made up of incredible talent, Folly the latest record from the two is a raw and powerful listen and Overdue is no exception. A track with an incredible melody with a hook catchier than a cold, Overdue is not a track that you should or will forget.
  3. Fred Abbott – One Hot Night – Serious Poke was such a great record and one of the highlights of last year, One Hot Night is certainly one of the standouts on the album and acoustic it sounds so much better. Abbott has recorded many acoustic versions, and they are all worth giving a watch.
  4. Ducking Punches – Greedy Bones – This band are incredible, and Greedy Bones is another reason they are – their new album Fizzy Brain as a whole is an awesome listen, and this track with it’s great melodies that give this track a great bounce and Allen’s vocal work with it makes for an awesome tune.
  5. Altered Sky – Livewire – A punchy track with a great beat,  the drums really working on this track which combined with the vocals make Livewire a great rock song. Nowosielska’s vocals stand out on this track, which is their last single from their album ‘Without Wonderland’ which if this anything to go by is well worth a listen.
  6. Sainte – Technicolor – The new music project from members of We Are The In Crowd – a band incredibly important, there’s not a band like them with a female lead out there, bands such as Against The Current lack the bite of Jardine and it’s good to see her back on this track. A track with an edge and a great pop hook, I want more already.

These are my highlights, let me know yours in the comments!


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