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Review: Joolz Denby & Henning Nugel – Crow.

crow-front-cover-hi-resAn interesting concept, Crow is a combination of classical pieces from Henning Nugel and spoken word poetry from Denby, who in combination create an interesting listen throughout Crow. You can read all the poetry from the album through Denby’s website here, and you definitely should.

There are many interesting pieces of music throughout this record that create a dark ambience from the beginning, particularly spoken word piece, Lazarus. Fable for example is a broody piece of music with violins that builds throughout creating an intense sound on this record and really beginning to tell a story that keeps you listening to it – Crow is an intriguing album.

Denby’s words are captivating throughout the album, her tone is delicate and works with the mood of the music, tracks such as Sky really make this clear, her work really brilliantly on display on this album. Denby’s way of building characters and telling a story really shines and her experience is on display here, bringing life and ideas to the work of Nugel throughout the album.

I’ve not quite heard an album like this before, there have been albums between spoken word and musicians (such as Between Bodies) however none like this, unravelling stories with music with such ease, tracks such as If are touching and emotional and entwined with the piano melodies heartbreaking, this album becoming a powerful listen. An album to be listened to as a whole and not parts, Crow is must listen to those who love words and melodies.




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