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Review: Cale and The Gravity Well – The Age Of Envy.

cale-album-coverCale & The Gravity Well recently released his album, The Age Of Envy. A mix of indie and folk, The Age Of Envy is the debut record from Cale who you can find out more about through Facebook here where you can see the video from one of the highlights of the record, So Many Lashes.

A great bounce on this record from the start, Cale really create some strong guitar melodies, the band has some great timing bringing different instruments and sounds with precision at a great pace making for an awesomestart to the record. Title track The Age Of Envy for those reasons is the perfect opener to the album.

Reminiscent of bands such as Arctic Monkeys in places and then bands such as The 1975 with the way with melodies, Somebody Else has a more dark melody that really reminds me of some influences of rock with those solid guitars and more rock vibe, it reminds me of Are U Mine? However, Cale & The Gravity Well certainly make their own sound bringing in different styles with ease and making something work that you may not think should.

Cale & The Gravity Well have a great balance of indie sounds and folk tracks on this record, with lyricism that really works with those melodies, with a vocalist with a versatile voice throughout – tracks such as Somebody Else and Interlude (Absalom) are very different but are both on this record with different vocal tones, and it makes for a great listen. This album has many highlights for me, Somebody Else, Low Light – an incredibly infectious track on this album and So Many Lashes, which has a great beat throughout.




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