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Review: Bad Seed Rising – Awake In Color.

Image result for awake in color bad seed risingAwake In Color is the recently released album of Bad Seed Rising, the band releasing their debut album through Roadrunner Records. Bad Seed Rising released a taste of their album, I Can Feel You, which is a great rock track and if that’s anything to go by, Awake In Color should be a pretty great record.

This band have some great choruses on this album, and I Can Feel You is the tip of the iceberg on this record, tracks such as Dexies and 30, really do have some huge hooks. This album really is going to be great live, and with Pastor’s powerful vocals the crowd is definitely going to hear them – her singing voice is great, but her screaming one is awesome.

This band have a relentless energy throughout most this record, the drumwork pummels throughout this album creating an incredible pace that combined with some good riffs really make some great melodies on this record. Tracks such as Sleeping In Cars are perfect examples of this, where the band bring some solid melodies that harmonise with that powerful vocal that Pastor brings to this album. When they bring down the pace, tracks such as I Believe (It’s Killing Me) really highlight the vocals but also the class of the musicians on this band, bringing some great melodies, and that continues on Spirits.

Awake In Color is a solid album from Bad Seed Rising. Huge choruses abound throughout teamed with some great melodies that makes for such a brilliant listen from the start of the album, that live is going to really get a crowd into it. Highlights for me on this album are I Can Feel You, Sleeping In Cars and opening track What Have We Done? This band is certainly an album I want to see played soon, you can hear it for now through Spotify here.



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