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Review: Bonnie Whitmore – Fuck With Sad Girls.

Bonnie Whitmore releases her new album this week, Fuck With Sad Girls. A fusion of Soul and Americana, Whitmore and her band create ten tracks that are about the expectations of women in society and they do it incredibly well. You can listen now to a taste of the album, the video for title track, Fuck With Sad Girls can be found here.

An incredibly powerful voice, Whitmore really does use it effectively on this album throughout, that emotion is in her voice from the beginning of the record using that power with perfect timing from the beginning of the album and the writing matches it. These songs are written brilliantly with some real thought in the words but an infectious chorus thrown in to boot, tracks such as She’s A Hurricane certainly prove it.

The band really back her up brilliantly on this record, the drums give a fantastic foundation to the melodies that this album has, tracks such as Hey Babe really bring those Americana roots to the fore with nice guitar riffs, her band making really working in harmony with her. This continues on Make A Livin’ where that chorus gets stuck in your head pretty quickly too.

Bonnie Whitmore has a fantastic album here, bringing her own sound to this style,  Americana at its finest. The band can seem like they are drowning her fantastic voice, but this is rare and those melodies really power on this record in perfect time, particularly on Used To Call Me Baby. There are so many highlights on this album, You Used To Call Me Baby, Cinderella and Fighter being a few tracks that stand out to me on this record, however your favourite track will change on this album will change every time you hear this album.



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