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Review: Heriot – World Collapse EP.

Heriot release their new EP this week, World Collapse. Four tracks of powerful Doomcore, Heriot have been gaining attention due to the high standards set by previous EP, Violence so World Collapse had a lot to live up to and it does. You can find out more about this band through Facebook here.

Grinding riffs get this EP started, the first track creating a dark heavy atmosphere for the record, those slow riffs almost make you feel like it’s resting on your chest. The timing this band have is impeccable and it continues throughout this record. The band builds their melodies well, however they don’t change much on this record.

The vocal prowess on World Collapse throughout is great, the roar from vocalist’s Packer’s mouth is incredible throughout this record, powering through every track. With a screaming voice that really works on every song, it dominates the music with ease, tracks such as China Lake and World Collapse make that clear, those vocals working with the guitars as they build the sound really work together and it makes for a dramatic sound to these tracks.

Heriot have made some great tracks here, the songs are dark, heavy and really live up to their doomcore sound on this EP throughout. Listening you can feel that vitriol and emotiion coursing through this EP and if you like the genre, you’ll love this. Highlights for me on this record are Myrr and China Lake, a record they shouldn’t be ashamed of returning with.



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