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Review: The Midnight Pine – Self Titled.

The Midnight Pine released their self-titled album recently through The Redwoods Music – a collective music label. The band who hail from California have gained a reputation for creating great records and their self titled is no exception, creating a fusion of Alternative, Country and Soul in the band’s own unique and sombre way.

This band fuse so many different genres, reminiscent of musicians such as Ryan Adams and Amy Winehouse in one song, opening track Broken Wing certainly showcases this and it makes for a fantastic start to this record. This album has an incredible atmosphere throughout, with a dark mood that really sets in as the album goes on, creating a feel to it that goes on through to the end of the album.

Shelbi Bennett’s vocals are powerful on this record, with a wonderful timing throughout, tracks such as Thunder and Lightning are perfect examples of this, as she utilises her voice with softer and harder vocals from the start of the track, really displaying her versatile sound. The lyrics are as powerful as the vocals too, making a perfect match. There is a real emotion to the lyricism, tracks such as Hope It Matters you can sense this – no this album has no hooks but it has some real depth to it and it works in harmony with the atmospheric sound being created.

The Midnight Pine have a great style, throwing in those jazz styles and alternative sounds that work in harmony together, though I feel sometimes the pace could be picked up, however the slow melodies really showcase Bennett’s voice throughout this record. There are many highlights on this album where this band really create some incredible melodies and make that vocal stand out, however the tracks that stood out for me are Mother Of Wolves, Bends And Bows and Hope It Matters.



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