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Review: Will Varley – Kingsdown Sundown.

Will Varley releases his new album this week, Kingsdown Sundown through Xtra Mile Recordings. An album that is both personal and political, Kingsdown Sundown is a sign of the times and it’s a great one. You can catch Varley on tour throughout November, playing London’s Union Chapel on the 18th November.

Varley has always had a natural way with melodies, and it shows on this record once again. There is an intensity to the acoustic melodies on this album that builds throughout the record, tracks such as When She Wakes Up is an example of this, where that mood works with the sombre lyricism perfectly.

The lyricism is incredibly genuine and they tell a story so well, very few people can really translate to paper as well as Varley does on this record from start to finish and very few writers can create a picture in your mind of what they are singing about. Tracks such as February Snow conjure up a whole album of pictures in your head and it makes for some extraordinary listening. This album has its fair share of brilliant choruses too, with tracks such as Let Your Guard Down having infectious hooks.

Kingsdown Sundown is an album that is pretty much perfect, brilliant lyricism and melodies that work together on another level, this album really does show why Will Varley is someone gaining attention and listening to this it is completely deserved – certainly one of the best albums I’ve heard this year. There are so many highlights on this album, Varley is a natural writer of songs and it shows on tracks such as Let Your Guard Down, We Want Our Planet Back and One Last Look At The View, however there is no weak link on this album and it’s all well worth listening to – poignant and brilliant to the end.



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