Review: Mariam – Heart To Heart EP.

mariamMariam releases her EP, Heart To Heart this Friday. An EP packed full with some wonderful vocals and gorgeous choruses, these tracks are a bundle of brilliant and original soul. You can listen now to a taste of her EP now through Soundcloud, her debut single Be There For Me streaming now here.

Heart To Heart really does display the fine vocals Mariam has from the beginning of the record, Be There For Me is a perfect display of the power of her vocals with a real timing with her voice that really delivers whenever needed and is the perfect first single from this record as it really does show off Mariam’s strengths perfectly.

Lyrically, this EP has some really nice poetry throughout, the interlude Grow With Me is a beautifully simple song on this record that pulls you in with ease. Heartbreak is a theme on this record and it is written with some real power and great lyricism. Running certainly continues that theme to the end and it is done with brilliance throughout – it’s a really heartfelt EP and it really makes for a great sound.

Mariam has a great record here that displays her vocal talent perfectly from the start with great writing makes for some really nice choruses throughout. Highlights for me on this are Be There For Me and the interludes are really nice on this record, Grow With Me and What I Want really connect these songs together with ease.



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