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Review: Louise Golbey – Please Don’t.

image003-1On Monday, Louise Golbey releases her single, Please Don’t. A rising star that counts Ed Sheeran as a fan Golbey certainly is someone who is gaining attention, recently performing at TimeOut’s Rising Stars show last month. You can find out more about Louise Golbey through Facebook here.

A track that builds in its intensity, the beat adds drama to the track with ease, and the vocals are really build with the track, working in harmony together. The track has a great melody, keeping it simple really works for this song and the use of support vocals in the chorus really adds to the sound of the track.

This track has an infectious chorus that will get stuck in your head pretty quickly, Golbey’s vocals are incredible to listen to, and harmonise so well with that punchy melody which makes it such a great song. A song that is going straight on my playlist, Please Don’t is a great soul pop track that you must hear as soon as you can.


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