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New Videos Out This Week!

A bumper video collection this week, these are ten tracks that stood out to me in my inbox!

  1. Batwings Catwings – Breathless – Bringing that 90’s vibe on this track with reckless abandon, Batwings Catwings are certainly a band who can make a great tune and Breathless is certainly a great example of that. Some brilliant alt rock guitars and the vocals from Dana are awesome, definitely that I won’t forget, and neither should you.
  2. You Know The Drill – Heads Up – Recently releasing their excellent EP, You Know The Drill release the video for Heads Up, the band’s great energy and brilliant vocals are on display on this track, making a great video for one of the highlights of the new record. This band make some excellent pop punk on this EP, and it’s well worth giving a listen.
  3. Finding Kate – Forever – A new voice that has come to my attention, Finding Kate releases the video for Forever today and what a dramatic and brilliant video for a likewise track. An awesome vocal and a huge hook that will grab your attention with ease, Forever is a tune added to by the violins and powerful melodies that get you hooked from the start.
  4. AyOwA – Newcross – An ethereal track with a vocal that keeps you gripped, Newcross is a great song, with a melody that only this band could possibly create. A fuzzy and dark danish delight, Newcross is a fantastic piece of electronica that is relentless in its oddness and its brilliance and well well worth giving a blast if that’s your thing.
  5. Dearly Beloved – I Tried To Leave – A great rock track, I Tried To Leave is the first single from the duo’s new album due in January through Aporia Records, Admission. If this song is anything to go by, I am really looking forward to this album, which was made at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606. A funky melody with the guitars and drums working together, I Tried To Leave is a great song.
  6. The Creptter Children – Watching You – Not a video for the easily offended, but one for a great Goth Rock tune, Watching You has the great vocals of Iballa Chantelle and a relentless pace that shows great promise for their future debut, the band releasing their first full length through Imminence Records sometime next year. A band to keep an eye out for.
  7. Veridia – Still Breathing – A band currently on tour with Evanescence, Veridia are certainly a band to keep a look out for and if this song is anything to go by, they must be great support. With a huge chorus and a great vocalist in Jakoub, this band make a great song that really keeps the energy. The perfect sound for a band opening a show, Still Breathing showcases what this band does best.
  8. Homebound – Headspace – A band soon to release their first record through Rude Records, Homebound gives us a taste of what is to come and its a great one. A well crafted track with a real pop punk sound, those guitars really driving the energy on this song. This band certainly know what sound they want to make and it shows here, well worth giving a listen.
  9. Will Varley – When She Wakes Up – A very different track from a lot of these on this list, When She Wakes Up is one of the highlights of the new album from the folk singer who releases his new album Kingsdown Sundown today which is perfect from start to finish and this song is no exception. Beautiful lyricism and brilliant acoustic melodies, you need to hear this.
  10. Cold Summer – Car Crash (In Progress) – The new video from the band’s critically acclaimed EP, Fight To Survive, Car Crash (In Progress) is a great tune from the band, with a great hook and a raw vocal which works in harmony with the riffs on this track – the band are premiering the track right now through New Noise Magazine here.



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