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Review: Fossil Youth – A Glimpse Of Self Joy.

A Glimpse Of Self Joy is the latest record from Fossil Youth. The band who are currently streaming their new album through Alternative Press (which you can find here) follow up from their EP Entertwined With You which showed just how much promise this band have and that doesn’t change on the band’s new record.

Fossil Youth make some great sounds on this album with some raw and rough edged riffs that work throughout this record. The rhythm section on this album is really highlighted throughout, the guitarists working together with a foundation of drums that really gives these tracks an excellent foundation for the music the band create throughout the album.

Noonan’s vocals on this record are one of the standout things about A Glimpse Of Self Joy, he has a raw but brilliant voice that is at full strength throughout this album. The emotion in the tracks really is clear with his vocals and the writing is very good. The band do know how to write a song, this album does have strong choruses, however the feeling is there – an album that is about recovery and falling back in love with yourself, it’s very clear throughout this album how fresh these lyrics are.

A band with an incredible amount of potential, Fossil Youth have some real standout songs on this album, the genuine lyricism combined with that unrefined rough around the edges style works for the most part on this album. The band have some really unique sounds on tracks such as Monochrome that work incredibly on A Glimpse Of Self Joy, that makes me think there’s more to see on this from this band as they continue to create something of their own. Highlights for me are Monochrome, Late Night Swim and Common Ghost.



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