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Review: Conspire – The Scenic Route.

Conspire release their new album this Friday, The Scenic Route through InVogue Records. For fans of musicians such as Balance And Composure or Being As An Ocean, Conspire  begin to create their own sound on their new record. You can see a video for one of the highlights of the album ‘1971’ now through Youtube.

There is a visceral and raw writing style that runs throughout this album, the lyricism is simple but it is effective as the band tear through some emotional tracks right from the start that are reminiscent of label mates Hotel Books in places. The writing on this album is highlighted on 1971, but also tracks such as Congruency where the poetry works.

The vocals are raw and work in harmony with the melodies this band make. Really highlighting that voice of lead singer Patrick Armstrong, the band create melodies that work with the emotion of the lyrics and it makes for some great listening. Huge drum beats and twangy riffs work their way through the album creating some very good songs on this record. The Scenic Route is the band’s debut record and it does show, as the band bring their influences to the fore and they do it well.

Conspire have a lot of potential and it is evident throughout this record, however the band still are creating something of their own, with much of this album far too easily compared to some of their peers throughout the album. However this band is not short of great musicians and the rhythm section throughout really works together from beginning to end. Highlights for me on this record are 1971, Enola and the collaboration with Garrett Russell of Silent Planet, Rescind is a great track.



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