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Review: Alpines – Another River.

Alpines released their sophomore album at the end of last month, Another River. The duo who create R&B with an emotive style, Alpines have been teasing this record from early this year and you can hear a taste of this record ‘Heaven’ through Youtube, the first video from the album which can be found here.

As soon as the album begins you notice just how incredible the vocals of Catherine Pockson are, whose voice delivers the lyrics with all their power and that continues throughout this record. A truly smooth vocal that really works with the melodies consistently, tracks such as Stay and eponymous track Another River prove this.

But where this album comes into it’s own is the dark grooves and atmospheric melodies that work so well together throughout this record. A way of creating melodies that have subtle grooves and a mood that is hard to capture, this band really do create some great tracks on this album that work in harmony from the beginning. Tracks such as Motionless are evidence of this, where her voice is entwined with the melody and it just works, this duo really do work so well together.

A band with such a great style, that’s clear from the start of the album, Alpines have a class of their own and it shows throughout this album. Tracks such as How It Hurts show this where the piano melodies and synth sounds work together to really highlight Pockson’s vocals. Matthews and Pockson are two people that are meant to be working together. There are many highlights on this album, however my favourites are Love & Money, How It Hurts and Another River.



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