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Review: Soft Ledges – Self Titled.

Soft Ledges (photo by David Sameshima - click for hi-res download)Chicago’s Soft Ledges release their self titled album this Friday. A Rock/Noise band, the duo create ten great tracks on their self titled, with brilliant screaming and original sounds that really make clear this band’s expertise in creating a unique record. You can give a listen to the band’s first single Highlight Reel here.

A  dark and moody sound to the record from the moment it begins, Soft Ledges create intriguing melodies with deep bass sounds and cool beats that work throughout this record, tracks such as Tear Me Down are perfect examples of this sound, that combined with that gritty vocal from Miller makes for a standout track. The band create brooding guitar riffs on this album throughout creating a heavy atmosphere that gets darker as the record goes on. The sound makes for an intriguing listen, particularly on songs such as Deer Fly Blues.

Miller’s vocals are raw on this record, with a real edge to them in places that make them stand out but with a real versatility on this album, particularly on tracks such as The Bells And You Beneath. The lyrics may be simple however that rough vocal really works on this track and makes for a highlight. Tracks such as Long Way To The Ground that follows and Highlight Reel, however her voice is smooth and really emotive combined with the lyricism of the track – certainly the high notes on Highlight Reel stand out.

An intriguing album from the beginning of the record, Soft Ledges make an album that is heavy in atmosphere, dark and twisting from the beginning with riffs that work throughout this record with drumwork that really lays a great foundation for every song on this album. Highlights for me are Long Way To The Ground, Deer Fly Blues and Orion.



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