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Review: Hello Bear – I Don’t Know…It’s Fun Though, isn’t it?

Hello Bear released their new EP last week, I Don’t Know…It’s Fun Though, isn’t it? A band with a variety of inspirations such as Blink 182 and The Descendents, Hello Bear create some great power pop and punk and it’s well worth a listen. You can find the band on Facebook here.

This band have a fun energy from the start of this EP, with bouncy guitar melodies that work with the pop hooks this band bring to their tracks. The rhythm section work together really well, the drums bringing in some nice beats that work with the riffs throughout this record, particularly on opening track ‘We Held Hands Once, But Then She Got Embarrassed’.

This EP really is packed with some big choruses throughout, this band having a great infectious way about them that makes you want to just keep these tracks on repeat, particularly on Attack Hug which wraps up this EP in such a great way. The lyricism has a cheekiness for the most part to it that keeps it so entertaining. The band are in places are reminiscent of McFly and then early Blink, it all makes for a great listen.

Hello Bear’s new EP is an awesome listen if you like energetic pop hooks and bouncy riffs that this band have perfected on this record with their own style. It is not easy to pick favourites on this record at all, so I would recommend you giving this a complete listen through Spotify now here.



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