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New Videos Out This Week!

Eight videos this week that stood out to me!

  1. Cloudbroke – Georgia Ruth – Taken her from recent album, Fossil Scale, Cloudbroke is one of the highlights of the new record. Ruth has a way with bringing her folk roots together with  more modern twists to create a sound. Cloudbroke is one of the highlights of the album and where she does this to perfection.
  2. The Maze – Arrow – Danish Electronica at it’s finest, Arrow released the video for new track, The Maze last week. Schneider’s vocals on this track are incredible, a fragile but brilliant vocal runs throughout this song in harmony with the chilled out electric vibes this band bring to the track.
  3. Alibis – Kevlar – A new track from the band, Alibis for them is their strongest material to date. Margaret’s vocals on this song are raw and brilliant with a huge hook that will get you stuck into this track. The band play a couple of shows next week with Mushroomhead – this track live will be great.
  4. As We Are – Junkerry – This song’s beat is incredible and the vocals work in harmony with that dark groove, but the video for this track takes centre stage. Using the Google Tilt virtual paint brush, Junkerry creates a captivating video with technology, fusing art and music together perfectly.
  5. All The Things She Said (cover) – Halflives Ft Mercedes from Courage My Love – A great cover of the track, with awesome vocals that really harmonise well together on this track conbined with a great rock beat, Halflives are definitely a band to keep an eye on if this is anything to go by.
  6. Broken Fairytale – Heart Avail – A great blend of riffs and drums, this track’s intro really shows the talent of the musicians and then that vocal from Simpson comes in and takes the track to another level. For fans of bands such as Nightwish and their sound, Broken Fairytale is a nice listen.
  7. Pray – Devilskin – The second single from the band’s sophomore record Be Like The River, Pray is a highlight and they make that clear on this track. The vocals are powerful on this track and the band back her up brilliantly on this song making it clear why people know this band’s name in their homeland of New Zealand.
  8. whenyoung – Actor – Irish Trio whenyoung released their new single Actor this week, and this is the video that accompanies it. A fuzzy tune brought to life with funky riffs and the incredible vocals of Power which really make this band stand out. Whenyoung headline at the Shacklewell Arms on the 24th November and if this is anything to go by, go see them.





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