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Review: Finding Kate – If I Fall.

Finding Kate releases her album today, If I Fall. Listening to this you can tell Kate has a unique flare, with dark melodies and unique sounds that keep you listening, an album that is influenced by her theatrical roots. You can listen to one of the highlights of the album now, Forever through YouTube here.

Kate Pavli’s vocals are incredible throughout this record and this is the case from the moment the album begins. Tracks such as Forever really display the strength of her voice with powerful high notes that work in harmony with the dark melodies that blend together throughout this record, particularly on tracks such as Forever.

The album’s use of guitars really gives this album that deep dark sound to it, the bass work on this record is impressive and combined with the drum melodies, this album is given a mood that really works on If I Fall, Get Over You is a great example of this however this album sets the mood from the start and creates a sound that works its way throughout. Reminiscent of bands such as Evanescence in its mood, but with a genuine connection to the lyricism and dramatic intros that keeps this hers.

If I Fall is a powerful record and a real display of vocal prowess from Pavli whose theatricality is on display throughout this album. The vocals are incredible and the lyricism is emotional, her voice gives the words power and it makes for an incredible and real listen. There are many highlights on this album, however tracks that stood out to me on If I Fall are Forever, If You Fall which really highlights Pavli’s vocals with the melodies and Drowning, which is the perfect song to open this album.



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