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Review: Hieroglyph – Ouroboros.

Related imageHieroglyph release their new album yesterday, Ouroboros. A combination of brilliantly creative and technical music, Ouroboros certainly is the best of what this band can do. You can listen to the album now through Soundcloud here and see the video for Starlight, a highlight of the record through YouTube here.

Valentina Reptile’s vocals are incredible throughout this record. Her vocals have a fragile sound to them that works with the beats and raw riffs somehow throughout this album, hitting incredible high notes from the start of it. Solar (The Fool) certainly brings these elements together with ease and it makes for a great introduction to the record. The screaming vocals combined with Reptile’s vocals are incredible too, working together on tracks such as Enochian (The Hermit).

The writing is powerful too with huge choruses and a way of taking advantage of the incredible voice of Valentina throughout the album, not that this album is all on the vocals. This band have created some  great drumwork on this album with incredible drum beats throughout this album giving this album the energy that it needs combined with the guitars. This band also has a unique use of sound that adds to the drama of the album, using different styles on this album to make something new, particularly on tracks such as Mandragora/Lunar.

Ouroboros is a great album which has an experimental if not adventurous sound to it throughout that makes it a record that keeps you listening until the end. There are many highlights on this album, the band really utilising the talent the band have keeping you hooked. Highlights for me are The Butterfly (The Emperor) which has a great blend of screaming and singing vocals and opening track Solar (The Fool) where this band’s melodies are on display from the start. This is a band I want to hear more of already.




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