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Review: Diamond Days – The Death Of Us EP.

Diamond Days release their new EP this Friday, The Death Of Us. The band have been gaining themselves attention and listening to this it is no surprise why as the alt rockers do what they do best with four huge tracks. The band play this week some live shows including Birmingham on the 24th.

The band are packed with energy throughout this record. Don’t let the introduction fool you, this just builds up this EP, allowing them to bring in bouncy guitar riffs that work throughout this record particularly on tracks such as Not Every Song With A Long Name Was Written By Fallout Boy (great name!).

Fearn’s vocals sound great throughout this EP, that is shown on final track We Are Young and he has some great songs to deliver on this record with it. Huge choruses are strewn throughout this EP on tracks such as title track Death Of Us and tunes which you can join in with ease, tracks such as Kings And Queens. This band certainly do have a way with words and it does show throughout this album, this band really keeping it catchy without losing meaning to them, the band strike a great balance.

Diamond Days certainly make clear why they are being talked about on this record. A band who can create great melodies and some awesome choruses, it’s a record impossible to dislike. Highlights for me are Death Of Us and We Are Young, however you need to hear this whole record.





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